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भारती की शादी के लिए गोवा पहुंचे थे कपिल, इस कारण रहे गायब
Dec 4, 2017
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भारती की शादी के लिए गोवा पहुंचे थे कपिल, इस कारण रहे गायब

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Comedian Kapil Sharma reached Goa on Sunday to join Bharati Singh's wedding. However, they did not appear anywhere in Ceremonies. Now the shocking thing has come out in this matter. Sources linked to Bharti's wedding event management company said that Kapil had reached Goa this morning. But when he came to know that Sunil Grover is also present at the wedding, he decided to return without attending it.

Now talk of Sunil Grover, who had reached Goa on Saturday and joined the Bharti-Harsh cocktail party. However, they disappeared on the second day i.e. Sunday and wedding reception.
- Sources tell us that Sunil had reached Goa with the time of two days (Saturday and Sunday) so that he could enjoy the marriage of Bharati's marriage rituals. But when he came to know that Kapil was also reaching there on Sunday, he canceled the plan for the second day and returned to Mumbai.

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