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बीजेपी नेता का बेटा है विराट का हमशक्ल, रोजाना आते हैं शादी के प्रपोजल
Jun 27, 2017
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बीजेपी नेता का बेटा है विराट का हमशक्ल, रोजाना आते हैं शादी के प्रपोजल

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Team India captain Virat Kohli has ruled many hearts with his game as well as his looks. By the way, many of Vishal's times have come in the media from time to time. Amit Mishra, son of BJP Leader Ramchandra Mishra, is the latest name in it.

Amit Mishra is doing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from GLA University. According to Amit, when I was in the 11th class, I posted my photo on Facebook. There were thousands of likes on it, and people started calling me Virat Kohli in the comment box.

Not only this, Amit says, "Once upon a vacation with friends, went to Uttarakhand, where a group of girls saw me coming out of the car, then everyone ran towards me, he was thinking of Virat Kohli, he was not ready to listen. It was that I am Amit. I rescued him from the way and came out of there.

One day India was on a similar TV show, we were passing somewhere. People started saying, Virat is going here, who is playing in the TV. Take the market accessories with Mummy and people get back. The house has different disturbances. This is what everyone says in college too.

Amit also hands a lot in the work of his father. Amit is also the BJP's volunteer. Amit explains, "Through the party, I met Mathura MP Hema Malini once, she was also considered to be a widower, but then she understood that it is only a coincidence."

According to Amit, girls also approach them in college. Juniors understand me as rich and start proposing. Some say, marry me. Then I tell them this decision can only be made by my family members.

Amit is really influenced by Virat Kohli in life, so he wears clothes like this and keeps his hair style. There are so many pictures on Amit Mishra's Facebook account in which he looks like Hoo Bahu Virat Kohli.

He has also ed a photo shoot on Facebook. In this he is seen copying Virat's shot wearing Team India jersey. Apart from this, he is also copying many of Viraat's many expressions in many photos.

Amit Viraat himself is a big fan of himself. Only one person with Amit has a chance to meet Virat Kohli at the front. Amit said that Virat Kohli is a cricket star at the moment and I beg the darling of the above, that the stars are shining.

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