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ऐसे पहचानें 500 और 2000 का नोट असली है या नकली...
Oct 30, 2017
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3 चीजों से पहचानें 500 और 2000 का नोट असली है या नकली...

Watch This Video :-

In the new note of Rs 500, 2000, there are 3 big differences in real-duplicate.

1. India, RBI and 2000 are written on the security thread. When turning the notes lightly, the color of this thread changes from green to blue. In the picture you will also see how the color of the note will change. If you look into it carefully, it will be clearly visible to you.

2. Watermarks of Mahatma Gandhi will be seen clearly on light note or light in the light of the real note. But it is not possible to make these watermarks in fake notes. Therefore, this watermark will not appear in fake notes.

3. A small box will appear on the bottom left side of the note. This box has been made separately dark. Note, it can be seen comfortably when it comes to hand. If you look in the picture, it will know that when it is slightly folded it will show the value of the notes written in it. While this mark will not appear in fake notes. Also, this box will look a little longer than the real in fake currency.

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