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मुर्गी की तरह अंडे दे रहा है ये लड़का,अब तक 20 अंडे दे चुका है, देखकर डॉक्टर को भी आ गया चक्कर
Feb 23, 2018
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मुर्गी की तरह अंडे दे रहा है ये लड़का,अब तक 20 अंडे दे चुका है, देखकर डॉक्टर को भी आ गया चक्कर...

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A Indonesian boy gives eggs and has given 20 eggs in two years so far. When the doctors came to know of this and they saw it straight, it was no surprise.
According to local media reports, this case is located in the south of Indonesia. The 14-year-old Akmal, living in Goa's Sulawesi state, This boy is giving eggs from the year 2015. At first doctors did not believe this. But on Monday, when Akmal gave two eggs in front of the doctors, he was surprised. According to doctors, it is impossible for humans to lay eggs.
A team of doctors from the local Yusuf Hospital examined these eggs, and told them that it is chicken eggs. Doctors also said that these eggs were deliberately inserted inside this boy.
"We suspect that these eggs were intentionally inserted inside them," local media Detik said in the head of the hospital spokesman Mohammad Taslim, but we did not see it directly. Scientifically, eggs can not be found within the human body. It is impossible, especially in the digestive system.
Taslim says that Akmal has been kept under surveillance for a week. During this time, Akmal's father said that he never ate the whole egg, nor was there any black magic in this matter.
Although this is not the first case when a person has spawned in Indonesia.

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